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Regulation of the association



BRASIL IN  MOVE: Under the name " BRASIL IN MOVE", we created a non-profit, politically and religiously neutral, independent, governed by these Articles and subject to articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. Its headquarters are in 1820 Montreux (Switzerland), PO Box 1066.  BRASIL IN MOVE is based on these rules, establishing the set of rules for membership of the association and power, as such, benefit programs and activities promoted and organized by  BRASIL IN MOVE, this at a discounted price compared to non-members.
Purpose of the association: To promote culture, sport, education, music and dance, based on the Brazilian arts.
Mission: To provide equal opportunities for all and exchange knowledge socio-educational and cultural activities around inspired or directly imported from Brazil.

The culture of a people says a lot about its history, it colors his attitude and daily builds the foundation for all future projects. Métis composition of the Brazilian population results in a rich culture and malleable when dealing with issues related to education in every sense of the term and in particular in the formation of the body: physical, intellectual, emotional, cultural and relationship. Given these considerations, our project aims to interact with the Brazilian culture Swiss culture, this in respect for differences, the contribution of intrinsic knowledge, love of neighbor and environmental awareness.


Who can join the association? Any individual resident in Switzerland.
Who is a member of the association? Any person who pays the annual fee.
Being a member of the association, what does that mean? This means being consistent with the philosophy of the association and want to participate in its activities.
Individual contributor: This category of the association of those who have acquired, in the words of these statutes, the rights and corresponding obligations.
Family Contributor: This category of the association of those who have acquired, in the words of these statutes, for themselves and their dependents, the rights and corresponding obligations.

Individual member: CHF 150 .- per year.
Members' Título Tres "Any group consisting of three persons who meet the same registration form, pays a fee of CHF 250 .-.
Private Enterprise Group: Fees on request.


Each member of the association BRASIL IN MOVE has the opportunity to participate in all socio-educational and cultural promoted and organized by it (subject to additional funding related to special events). Among the activities offered by BRASIL IN MOVE, you will find cultural activities, internships, workshops / workshops, social integration programs, shows, conventions & fitness dance intercultural tourism to Brazil, the integration programs family tourism in Switzerland, dance classes, percussion, capoeira, etc..
A newsletter aimed at all members shall be published periodically.
The members of  BRASIL IN MOVE get special discounts at our partner Cruzeiro Costa Brasil.
The members of  BRASIL IN MOVE receive special passwords to receive information and exclusive services on the Internet. They also take advantage of information and tourist advice for their trip to Brazil.

We also have a list of partners with whom the members of the Move in Brasil have off-Brazil and Switzerland (current list).


6) Table of discounts which each member can enjoy
► On the dance workshops, percussion, cultural festival;
► On the professional development courses and courses in Portuguese language courses Samba fitness
► On the fitness programs (samba fitness, drums, percussion over, dance, etc.).
► Of the licensed products of the association (CD, DVD, clothing, educational materials, books, etc.).

Make your donation!
Through its President Silvia Helena De Oliveira-Brasil in Move Association 10-709455-3
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Thank you for your generosity. Your support helps to strengthen the actions of the association  BRASIL IN MOVE in all projects it develops.

19 / 07 / 2011