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Culture, Rhythm, Movement, Music, Sport and Dance Educational based Brazilian Arts
Everywhere and for All



Under the name "BRASIL IN MOVE ASSOCIATION " there shall be a non-profit association, politically and religiously neutral and independent organization, governed by these Articles and subject to articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code.

Our goal is to promote culture, sport, music and dance education, arts-based Brazilian.

Mission: To provide equal opportunities to all trade and socio-cultural-Educatio.

Vision: Provide all ages, creeds and nationalities.

Beliefs and Values:The culture of a people says a lot about its history, it reflects the attitude daily and plans his future. The composition of the Métis people of Brazil brings a rich culture and malleable when it addresses issues related to education as a whole and particularly the training of the body: physical, intellectual, emotional, cultural and relational.
Taking into account the above, the Project has the objective to interact with SWITZERLAND by bringing a bit of Brazilian culture and elements of knowledge building, respect for differences, self-love of neighbor and environment.


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